Top 4 Amazing Tips For Choosing Best Air Impact Wrench Size

tips for choosing best air impact wrench size

Sizing an impact wrench is not an easy task as it comes with a powerful motor which makes the tool heavier to lift. An impact wrench is a useful tool which can easily break the nuts or bolts and you can also use it to tighten nuts and bolts. Impact wrench comes in various models, and you will find that the models come in different sizes, styles, and weight.

The best air impact wrench comes with a high-quality, powerful motor, top class lubricant, and strong design. When you buy the right product for your work, then you may be worried about using it, and if you are looking for different ideas for using impact wrench properly, then you have come to the right place. Do you wonder where you can choose perfect air impact wrench? Just visit

Here, we will discuss the top four amazing tips which will help you to determine the size of the impact wrench easily.

Using the perfect size

If you think that using the wrench of a huge size will make your work easy, then you are thinking in the right way. It will be not beneficial for you to use the larger size wrench for your work. The reason behind is that the larger one will destroy the bolt or nut and will not fix them properly and it will happen because the wrench can produce maximum torque.

The best thing you can do is to have an air impact wrench of the proper size and weight. You need to determine your task to make sure that the size is perfect for your work. When you stick with the perfect size, then it will lead to perfectly doing your task. The perfect size of the impact wrench will properly fit the bolt and nut, and if you don’t have the right one, then it will not be safe for you.

Determining the design with the size

It is important for you to determine the size of the impact wrench, and with the help of the size, you can easily know about the design, features, and handle location. The smaller one comes with the ½ inches of the size which uses the pistol grip to handle the machine. The larger one comes with the ¾ of the size, which uses the T handle. The handle will allow you to have the proper grip, which results in increased torque. The best air impact wrench comes with all the above features, and you can easily go for them.

When you can use the ½ inches wrenches

The standard tool which you can use is ½ inches, and they can be easily found in most of the auto shops. Impact wrenches of this size will be perfect for auto repairs like tire and suspension jobs. The various types of an air impact wrench come with the ½ inches, which will be perfect for the assembling the small and medium bolts and nuts. The best part about the ½ inches is that it produces more than 300ft/lbs of torque which is best for you to so these types of tasks. If you use the larger wrench, then it will damage the bolts or nuts.

When you can use ¾ inches wrenches

The best air impact wrench, which comes with ¾ inches of the size, is suitable for the heavy equipment. You will find that this type of wrench is used in the auto shops which repair heavy vehicles like trucks. If you are on a construction site, then you can use the ¾ impact wrench, and it cannot be used in daily life. The average torque produced by this type of the impact wrench is 1200ft/lbs, which are enough for using these types of work. There is a great number of impact wrenches available in the market which will be available for you in both the sizes. All these qualities of the air impact wrench will help you to do your task quickly.

These all are the top 4 amazing tips for using the perfect sized impact wrench. The ½ and ¾ inches of the wrench will be perfect for your work, and if you are using them for personal use, then you need to go for the ½ inches wrench. You need to make sure that you don’t over tighten the nuts and bolts and if you do this, then it will harm them. If you don’t want to confuse yourself in these two sizes, then you need to read the entire article carefully.

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